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Sentinel is getting a patent.

September 18, 2006

Well, that isn’t 100% true but we have applied for a provisional patent. We have 1 year until we have to file for the real patent.


So, what is Sentinel?

September 10, 2006

We have been working on a solution called Sentinel. In short Sentinel has the ability to monitor a blogs content and pin-point where it has been plagiarized on the web.

Why is it needed? One word SPLOGS or spam blogs. It has become so easy to now publish content on the web such as the one I am using currently from WordPress. The fact that Google has also made it very easy to register for Adwords and a free blog from their free blog host Blogger that a person wanting to setup a splog has no cost to them an it can be done in 10 minutes.

The reason a person sets up a splog or thousands of splogs? Money, plain and simple. The splogger will do just what I described and use an automated script to scrape a blogs content based on keywords. Well, within 24 hours the splogger has a blo with 400 blog posts all related to a specific key word. The unsuspecting user does a search in Google and guess what happens…ahhh now you see the point. A site comes up loaded with key word rich ads. Think about it, if a splogger were to make say $40 per month from one splog. Image what they coul make from say 100 or 500.

There is also a huge issue of click fraud as well. Most advertisers want surfers to buy their products but they want them to get there the right way. Being tricked only upsets the user and thus causes cart abandonment. Yet, they must still pay or the click. See a problem here.

Sentinel was designed with the blogger in mind. There isnt any code that has to be cut and pasted into a blog. Just a simple signup form and thats it. Sentinel allows the blogger to work normaly, yet it will scan and then monitor the web for a bloggers content that had gotten scraped without them knowing.

Thats it in a nutshell.