Who’s Who

Over the past few weeks I have been either contacted or been in contact with some of the major players in the blogosphere. Some of the people interested in the future of Sentinel and what it can mean to content plagiarism.

I wanted to thank people such as Robert Scoble, Peter Cashmore Johnathan Bailey and others who have given me feedback and, or encouragement. It helps to know that you are going down the right path from some of the big names out there. I would rather ask questions now then built it and ask them later.

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One Comment on “Who’s Who”

  1. Hey Tony, I knew you’d eventually go on to do some great things after that universal low of “Mouse Defects” (aka MousEffects). Ok, so that was a slight exaggeration. But still, I want to see you explore this opportunity for all it’s worth. I think it’s worth a lot and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of it.

    Good luck! Later.

    – Patrick

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