Crawling Takes Time

The end of January and the start of Febuary has been an exciting and trying time. We have had hundreds of users register and have crawled hundreds of thousands of sites. There have been some issues though. Making matches based on other metrics besides just text is fairly easy. We have encounted some issues and error trapping that we didn’t forsee. If I could have I should have been playing the lottery and not spending countless hours building a company and Sentinel.

So, whats that mean for the current users? It means that we have a few things to iron out. We are working on them sa fast as possible. It will insure that we dont have these issues going forward in the future and have a solid solution.

I can understand how Henry Ford felt when that first model A rolled off the line. Excited, then the engine stopped running. It happens, we find the problem, address it, fix it and move on.

I’ll keep you posted…

Tony Moura

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