What have we been up to?

We aren’t dead! Let me say that first. In taking a step back and bringing on Cheryl as lead coder. Things are moving along well. We are expecting to relaunch Blogwerx and Sentinel by the end of the month. In going to Demo we also learned a great deal and gained some valuable insight as to what features Sentinel users would like to see. We will be incorporating some of those requests when we launch.

30 Days after the launch we’ll turn on the synonym matching aspect of Sentinel as well. We look forward to bringing Sentinel to the blogosphere and a solution that is functional.

Thank You,

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4 Comments on “What have we been up to?”

  1. mike Says:

    When is this going to be up and running – just tied to sign up and got a 404 page not found error

  2. so you are officially dead or what – such an interesting service to offer and after the demo showcase I havent seem much happening and now it seems you have stopped functioning alltogether

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