An Idea…

How did Blogwerx and it’s first child, Sentinel come about?

Tony Moura (me) have been in the web design and development side of the web for well over 12 years. I’ve done work for such clients as Nokia, Ford and some of the other larger guys.

Searching like the rest of us tech savvy guys for the next wave but not having the hard-core programming background is, well to say the least frustrating. So, I kept trying to think of the next thing to come. How could I be ahead of the curve or make my own niche somewhere some how. Sentinel and its business model where laid out completely in a day. From there it was talking to a few people to try and find a programmer that could see the same vision I have.

Not having a bunch of funds to toss at a project isn’t fun either. Try to convince someone who doesn’t know you that the concept is solid, and they will some day through hard work make something from it.

After several attempts of trying to find someone, I finally found a programmer.

So..We’re off to make our mark.


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