DEMO 07′

Posted February 2, 2007 by tmoura
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Whew! Just getting home and going through Technorati to see the buzz if there is one about Sentinel… It’s interesting about some of the things being said and thats great, both the good and the “wait to see” comments.

Within the blogosphere being honest is the best policy. Was Sentinel where we fully wanted it to be for bloggers to sign up? Hard question, the reason being is the core of Sentinel, the algorithm that runs is there, the ability to make the matches exact or any form of partial is there etc. Some of the bells and whistles we just didnt have time to complete before DEMO.

Being a small start-up of 3 guys that are self funded you have to figure out real fast what you need to get done versus would you would like to get done. It was also my fault, Tony Moura that I didnt mention that by registering for Sentinel, you were registering for the free version that has a 2 week turn around time to generate its report and send you an email requesting you to login to see whats been found.

We dont claim to have all the answers, we triy our best in bringing new technology to the Blogosphere where there currently isnt one. Sentinel will grow as the community that uses it grows. We count on users to let us know what we can do to Sentinel to build a more usable product.

So, before any results are compiled and emails are sent out in 2 weeks. The bells and whistles will be there.


Sentinel at Demo

Posted January 25, 2007 by tmoura
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Demo is fast approaching. We get up on stage on Feb 1st. at 3:55pm. We are very excited to be able to attend and show Sentinel and what it can do. Our booth will be #7 located upfront. Stop by and say hello if you’ve been tracking our progress.

Attributor gives us competition.

Posted December 18, 2006 by tmoura
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A stealth mode start-up, Attributor has been working on technology that is very close to Sentinel. Does this worry me? No, it was bound to happen sooner or later. We welcome the competition. There is enough room in the market place for each company.

Could we be anymore busy?

Posted December 13, 2006 by tmoura
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WOW! Since being accepted to present at Demo, the end of January things have gotten crazy! Coding like crazy, UI design, more code… I can understand now why most companies are started by 20 somethings still in school that can live off of cup-o-noodles and have no other worries. Being a husband, father of two, lead designer for all things creative for Blogwerx and Iwerx, as well as doing the business end of things, it isnt easy.

So, look for us when we publicly launch at Demo 07.

Hunting Sploggers We Will Go, Hunting Sploggers We Will Go…

Posted October 23, 2006 by tmoura
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We have decided to make life easier. Thanks to Peter Cashmore for the feedback in a very insightfull conversation. Sentinel will, for the pay per month subscriptions have pre-generated DMCA and other notices that can be sent to a sploggers ISP along with a report. This will speed up the process for the user to combat the situation.

Due to liability reasons Sentinel will not automaticly send these out on the first hit. It will still require a “3 strikes your out rule”

All of the pre-canned notices and anything else we come up with that will assist will be drafted by attornies and meet to the ISP and DMCA standards. 

Invited to DEMO

Posted October 20, 2006 by tmoura
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I am proud to say that Blogwerxhas been invited to public launch at DEMO at their opening event in the 2007 year.

Who’s Who

Posted October 16, 2006 by tmoura
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Over the past few weeks I have been either contacted or been in contact with some of the major players in the blogosphere. Some of the people interested in the future of Sentinel and what it can mean to content plagiarism.

I wanted to thank people such as Robert Scoble, Peter Cashmore Johnathan Bailey and others who have given me feedback and, or encouragement. It helps to know that you are going down the right path from some of the big names out there. I would rather ask questions now then built it and ask them later.