DEMO 07′

Whew! Just getting home and going through Technorati to see the buzz if there is one about Sentinel… It’s interesting about some of the things being said and thats great, both the good and the “wait to see” comments.

Within the blogosphere being honest is the best policy. Was Sentinel where we fully wanted it to be for bloggers to sign up? Hard question, the reason being is the core of Sentinel, the algorithm that runs is there, the ability to make the matches exact or any form of partial is there etc. Some of the bells and whistles we just didnt have time to complete before DEMO.

Being a small start-up of 3 guys that are self funded you have to figure out real fast what you need to get done versus would you would like to get done. It was also my fault, Tony Moura that I didnt mention that by registering for Sentinel, you were registering for the free version that has a 2 week turn around time to generate its report and send you an email requesting you to login to see whats been found.

We dont claim to have all the answers, we triy our best in bringing new technology to the Blogosphere where there currently isnt one. Sentinel will grow as the community that uses it grows. We count on users to let us know what we can do to Sentinel to build a more usable product.

So, before any results are compiled and emails are sent out in 2 weeks. The bells and whistles will be there.

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